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We compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our venue space for your convenience.

Please find the answers to your queries and learn more about all that we do here at WAREHOUSE 7 Venue.

If you have additional questions about our services, rates, or partnered vendors, please get in touch with us by phone or email and one of our team members will gladly assist you.


What is the venue rental fee for an event at Warehouse 7 Venue?

Our rental rates vary based on the day of week, event hosting, event time frame, and season. Event damage security deposits are required. Please fill out an event inquiry form online  detailing the nature of your event, guests count, and your event timeframe. Our event coordinator will return your email within 48hrs, over event weekend days (Thurs--Sun) please allow two business days.  You may also call the Venue, Mon – Thurs 9 AM – 8 PM and Friday 9 AM – 1 PM, at 862.239.5196

How do client’s book events at Warehouse 7 Venue?

Please submit your event inquiry form through our website, email our team, or extend a call to our venue coordinator at 862.239.5196.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit of the total rental fee will be due at the time of booking. In addition, we require a damage security deposit, refundable per our signed venue agreement terms after your event clears. All venue balances are due 10 business days before your scheduled event date. Last minute bookings may require payment in full or shorter payment windows. Warehouse 7 venue accepts cash, check, money order, all major credit cards, and cash app transfers. 

*Please contact our venue coordinator with additional questions regarding our booking steps and policies.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are nonrefundable.

If you are forced to postpone your event related to COVID shutdowns, you have up to 2 years to reschedule the event date. A maximum of two rescheduled dates permitted. Additional fee may incur based on your rescheduled seasonal date change where applicable.  Warehouse 7 Venue will honor our current signed agreement rates for up to 2 years.  After 2 years of the original agreement event date you forfeit your 50% venue deposit. All cancellations unrelated to COVID19 require a 90 (ninety)  day notice. Event deposits are nonrefundable, applicable venue balances will apply to the alternate event date with  90 day advance notification in writing to Warehouse 7 Venue.

What is the capacity of Warehouse 7 Venue?

The venue is able to accommodate up to 360 guests for a cocktail party (standing) layout or 200 guests banquet style/ full service dinning with additional space for a dance floor, music , and catering. Please discuss guests capacity questions and specific guidelines with the Director of events. COVID capacity restrictions in New Jersey were recently revised and updated May 2021. Please account for your catering staff, venue staff, and outside vendor counts. Event personnel may alter the total venue capacity for your event.

Are there any restrictions on vendors I may use?

Currently through our Promotional Phase offers there are not restrictions or additional cost for onsite vendors. We require all onsite vendors working your event to provide in advance current proof of insurance.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating with event industry partners and guest vendors in the venue space. You may use the vendors of your choice. Please request our current preferred vendor list by email for service referrals.

Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?

Yes, if planning and coordination desired. Warehouse 7 venue staff will be on-site during your full event day to answer any facility related questions, provide general venue assistance and oversee the building and our additional venue staff. He/she will not serve as a private event coordinator for Warehouse 7 client events. We do offer day of coordination, event planning, and décor install services on site and through our partnered vendors at a competitive price. Please request a pricing sheet for add on services.

Am I responsible for clean-up after my event?

Yes. Warehouse 7 cleaning team will clean the space before and after your event: sweeping, mopping, detailing the bathroom, and disinfecting.


*In order to get your full security deposit back, you (or your caterer) must complete the following break down procedures immediately following your event time frame:

• All centerpieces, candles, additional décor and alcohol must be removed from tables, neatly packed away, and consolidated in the kitchen or foyer for removal from the venue premises at the end of your venue rental timeframe. 

•Linens must be bundled and tied, or bagged and consolidated with outside rentals for simplified removal and pickup from the venue.

• All rental furniture, i.e. rental tables and chairs must be folded and stacked against one wall in the main venue space for pickup by rental company. Warehouse 7 furniture rentals and property must be separated from outside rentals when applicable.

• Glasses, dishes, food, drinks and personal items removed from prep space, flex rooms/lounge areas and main venue space.

• Event food + drink stock removed from the kitchen.

• Mobile bars emptied of ice, glassware, plasticware, any water completely drained, wiped down, and dried. Remove all décor products, candles, and coasters etc.

• Please break down all boxes, packaging, bag all trash and remove catering trash from the kitchen prep space and venue. Trash bags must be placed at the front entry doors of venue space.  Warehouse 7 venue provides an outdoor trash receptacle and staff will dispose of event trash bags gathered at venue entry. 

Do I need to provide my own event insurance?

Yes, we require you to provide a certificate of General Liability Insurance that covers your event listing Warehouse 7 Venue, LLC and The Crowned Lion, LLC as additional insured. We require $1M general aggregate / $1M per occurrence including property damage. Your policy should also include Host Liquor Liability if you are serving alcohol/BYO access event. The sale of alcohol is not permitted at Warehouse 7 Venue. 

We recommend using reputable online sites for your event insurance ie.,,, The policy may cost approximately $100--$175 depending on your selected event insurance provider and your additional event details. 

Insurance may be purchased up to 48 hours before your event for last minute bookings. We require a certificate of insurance two weeks prior to your event dates booked in advance. Please send a copy of the policy directly to the


*Please email the venue coordinator regarding intimate events less than 50 guests that will not include serving liquor/BYO options to event guests.


Is there a kitchen?

Warehouse 7 venue is an off premise venue, the rental space includes a kitchen prep space. The kitchen prep does not include a cooking range/fryers. The kitchen prep space features ample counter space, (1) commercial-grade refrigerator, microwave, ice holding freezer, double sink, trash cans, and outlets available. Intimate outdoor prep area for catering grills, smokers and deep frying may be arranged by request to our event coordinator- insurance required by catering and beverage company.  Caterers may opt to bring in additional outdoor cooking equipment once approved through the venue in writing. Please check with your venue coordinator for additional questions regarding catering and indoor restrictions.

Where do my guests park?

Street parking is available. Should your guests need directions or a car service at the end of the evening, our event coordinator will happily assist client with options to include on your event invitations. Local valet companies are also available for hire.  Please email our venue coordinator for more information regarding onsite valet parking services available through Liberty Parking. 

When can we arrive to set up/install décor?

This depends on the type of event you’re hosting and your venue agreement in advance. 

Our standard promotional package allows for 2 hours for install and 1 hour to breakdown post event. Additional hours available for an additional fee. For a full day (12 hour) event rental your vendors gain access at 9am, additional hours available for an hourly fee.

Is smoking allowed?

There is no smoking allowed onsite or at the entry to our venue space. A space in the courtyard outside the overhead gate may be designated for smoking on your event day.

Are candles allowed?

Yes, however all candles must be contained in votives. Open flames are not allowed anywhere in the building. Event insurance required for all events.


Is glitter or confetti allowed?

No loose glitter allowed or small particle confetti. Thank you.

May I keep the large overhead gate open during my event?

Yes, but the gate must be closed by 11:00 pm to comply with the Paterson, NJ noise ordinance. Only a Warehouse 7 venue staff member may operate the venue gate and all venue doors.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?


How many venue bathrooms are there?

Two bathrooms available, four stalls, two of which are wheelchair accessible.

Can I create an intimate event setting at Warehouse 7 Venue?

Absolutely! The venue space is flexible and excellent for small gatherings, classes, private dinners, co-working groups, corporate training, workshops, and much more.

Please fill out our event inquiry form, send an email to, or extend a call to speak with our venue coordinator to discuss booking options available and our hourly weekday rates.

We’d love to hear from you!

Please contact our venue coordinator with additional questions regarding booking Warehouse 7 Venue. 

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